Saturday, July 24, 2010

Open Source Project Management in SRC

The following post is available for all my SRC, SASTRA frnds only. Never mind, if u're an old or present student if u've any connection for SASTRA SRC, Kumbakonam. Then its for you!

I would like to propose a new project to implement using the H/W power on our college server. Its Opensource project hosting. Like, Google Code Project Hosting, Git, etc.

Features of this proposal
  • Students given an account and allowed to create multiple projects on the server.
  • Server supports Subversion, Mercurial, and if possible Git also.
  • They're given a Issue Tracking system (like Trac).
  • Others can also join them to code an application.

General focus is on final year students, who can use this repository for their final year projects, so that once they're out, juniors can work on the same topic to improve the existing system. Actual scope of this project is very less, but the main reason behind is to make is more effective along side the SRC-FOSS and make students contribute to it (not only by using/sitting in the class but) by actually working on wat they use as OSS.

Please post your like or dislike of this proposal in the comments.

PS: This is just my own proposal, i'ven't yet talk'd about this to any FOSS (pre/post/current) member(s). Will they approve for this? OMG! Thats a $1,000,000,000 question!

Update 1: This is a series of project proposals for SRC. If you've any ideas or proposals, leave it as a comment.

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