Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Research Engine - Interactive Search Engine

Atlast our mentor accepted our proposal, "Research Engine". Its basically an incremented version of Semantic Search Engine. Its being planned to be built from down to top in a pure interactive way. Since, too much of interaction makes the user lazy or dislike the concept, we're planning to extract meta data from social networking profiles of the users(like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) to automate the process of interaction and improve it, dynamically

Also, we're planning to build this project on-top of Nutch. Many modifications are required to make it a semantic search engine. DB2 9.5 Enterprise, Jena, WASCE, Hadoop, are some the major components to be included in the project.

PS: I'll try to make updates like this regular, but not sure about it either.

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Ashwanth Kumar said...

One of the problems i found when doing this, is that most of the people doesn't actually interact with the engine. Instead they try to abuse it, or mock it. Its a huge task before one can make it work the way u want it to work.

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