Friday, July 23, 2010

SRC Office Automation - On 2nd (3rd) Year

Its been 2 years now, since i've first stepped foot on my SASTRA SRC campus as a student. Its been so great that i never realized the day flying by. I would like to add a feather on this beautiful day, with a short info that happened just yesterday.

"Our Office, u know what? Maintains all the student info in a Excel Workbook!! OMG! Is SASTRA that bad?"

"Every time, i need to pay the fees and get a receipt, that guy takes eternity!!"

"SRC needs to grow a lot more!"

These were some of the usual comments we students normally say on seeing the condition of our management (at least in our campus). All that now gone in thin air? (Y??) I've been called by our AO (or is it EO, or an office staff?? I'm still not sure about it actually but all i know is that its official) and has been asked to do automation application for our campus.

I saw the Excel sheets in my own eyes and never believed the complexity involved! That poor guy maintains 5 *.xls files, with 6 - 10 sheets each (most of them were reports). The speed at which he moves in Excel was out-standing. To be really honest i never thought our campus office guy can work at this speed.

Who would've thought? Me getting the work, which i've been commenting about for the past 2 years. I feel very proud (dont know y though, probably cauz its for our office) and happy :)

Today, i completed the Data Model for their application and got the approval from the client (:wink:).

TO My Fellow SRC Dudes_&_Dudities: If you're interested, please let me know. Cauz i'm working on this project and many others (for our campus) alone. If you would like to join hands with me please do so!

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