Saturday, August 28, 2010

Innovative Student Project Fund

I found this on the net. Hoping, it might be useful for someone like me. Anna University, is proposing a Fund of Rs. 25,000/- (Max) to student projects. Only criteria, is that, U must be a pre-final year student.

Hope this is useful.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our TGMC Group - Tech Buddies

Created our TGMC Group - Tech Buddies (, as per the TGMC rules. Except that i forgot to register first! (:0)

All other information can be found there.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

?!@#$^& :'(

Just when i thought, I'm an inch from an innovation. Technology looked at me, and said: "Aaah! Thats old news". Let me brief you, what exactly happened.

My Topic: Universal Device
Description: Change a touchscreen with pop-out display device into practically any electronic device, using it APIs. Run different apps, on a virtualized manner (mobile virtualization).

So, I did some Googling to figure out, if such researches already exist. And guess what?! I ended up in the following two pages.

TGMC as a Final Year Project?!


I was browsing through the wikis' of TGMC '10, and i harped upon this (
Wiki Page titled, "TGMC Project as Final Year Project", For all my final year friends, do u think will be able to implement this in our university or the campus?

Please do comment, what do you think about this!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Conference Alerts

Hello again, today one of my Prof. asked me to do some paper for two international conference(s). Well they're,
Conference? Me? She was really kidding (never mind her). I've never done a paper in my life before. I hate to sit and think. I just love to work with new Technology (I don't create them, atleast until now). Now, she has changed the way i look at things. I'm now planning to submit my G-SPADE (my innovation of the existing SPADE project) in one of the conference. Let's see, how well it goes. I'll keep you guys, posted.

PS: This is just a update post.

Components of Research Engine - Developer Preview

Okie, this is going to be the first component proposal for Research Engine, by Ashwanth (myself) and Kirubaharan.

Any comments, and feedback regarding this is welcome.

Ya, I know, the project is becoming more and more community based. I dont mind, if there is a fork too. Just let me know there is one! I would be happy to know it. Once we start Coding, CodeBase is also planned to be publicly available too.

TGMC '10 Project Scenario

TGMC 2010, now has some new rules regarding custom Project Scenario being sent to him for approval, and then development of the same.


Well, Research Engine, does need approval i think?! Anyways, I'm currently working on the same against the TGMC Scenario Template. I'll post the Link, once i'm done with it.

UPDATE on 20th August, 2010: Our TGMC Project Scenario ( We've send this for approval, and awaiting for their response.

PS: This is just an update post. To log the status of the app.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scalable Parallel and Distributed Environment (SPADE)

Today, at around 6.30 PM i went to Nivas's house, to discuss generally about SPADE (his final year project) and sample search engine, built with it. I actually learned a lot from that, and this post is to reflect the same in words. This is basically for my own purpose, just in case. If this was useful to you by any means, please leave a comment, or say your thanks to him.

SPADE -3 Properties:
  1. Object Oriented Support - full support for all data types
  2. Distributed cache vs DB
  3. Scalability on the fly (as opposed to the need to rewrite source, recompile and redeploy in MPI)
  4. Dynamic scheduling - No barrier synchronization - no static binding of code to machine
  5. Asynchronous Communication as opposed to blocking sends and receives
  6. Fault tolerance - no single point of failure
SPADE Abstract can be found here:

I'm currently planning to work with him, on this environment to implement the Research Engine, for ThinkQuest 2011. Again, time'll answer everything. I'll keep this updated, as we progress further.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

TGMC 2010 is Out!

TGMC 2010, is out with a bang. This time, it is expected to be with more fun and learning experiences.

The site was quoted as: "The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) is back in a new avatar!After a superb year in 2009 where we saw more than 100,000 students participating with some excellent projects, this year we’re proud to announce the launch of TGMC 2010.This year, there is unprecedented focus on the most important aspect of TGMC. You.As a student or a faculty member, TGMC 2010 is the forum for you to come forward, take your destiny by your hands and make it happen. And we put it in the form of this simple mantra.
‘Initiate. Collaborate. Innovate.’

YOU need to initiate the chain of events that will take you to the brink of Success.
YOU need to collaborate, with your peers, your faculty and IBM to ensure you achieve that Success.

And YOU need t
o innovate to ensure that together, you achieve not only Success, but a lasting place in the Halls of Fame.Technology is the vehicle. YOU are in the Driver’s seat. And it’s going to be a great ride.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crawl + Index Module Test - Successful

Today, after a long sleepless night, crawl and indexer search module of Nutch has been tested, and this blog has been taken as the test benchmark. Results seems promising.

Tech Info: Test was performed on a single system, running the following config: 2 GB RAM, Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop, 160 GB HDD. Time taken was ~75 secs @ 2Mbps connection.

PS: This is an update post.

Research Engine - Code Name: iBlue

Now, its official (from the team + mentor), the Research Engine has been code named: iBlue.

Logo coming soon.

PS: This is just an update post.