Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My 5th Semester Practicals - I

Just now, i came finishing my practicals examination. Paper today was "Computer Networks"; i got
  1. A Simple Firewall Implementation
  2. Ping this computer, and get its IP Address and its name. Also, ping other systems in the network to detect their IP Address and name. (Seriously this is so easy)
I took my paper to find these. I was a bit happy, cauz both are simple programs. Though Firewall is huge but easy to code, approx 150 lines of code thats it. I wrote the usual cover story on the answer sheet, it was then I heard something much worse than "PROFANITY".

"Write the Aim, Procedure, PROGRAM and result. After which you can use the system."

I just don't get it, or if i'm wrong please correct me. Why on the earth, in a computer science practical examination, we should write a program first, and then type it and show the output. Are they testing us, being in third year CSE, do we know to type with a keyboard and compile the program?

Seriously! when i asked my invigilator, he said, "NO! Write the program and only then you can type!". Why is the educational standard in SASTRA going so low?

Well, actually its not only here (in SASTRA), its the case in most of the Universities in India!

How do they propose to make better programmers and software professionals who actually mug the program for their practicals? How do they except us, to develop India by 2020 (i find this year fancy, and nothing more special)??

Do you have an answer for this??

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Lokesh Sah said...

Actually the situation is much worse in most universities. Most private universities in india teach these subjects as mere theory classes and no practicals. This is the reason our Indian Colleges of Technology fail to meet the requirements of the IT companies as most of the output of these institutes are useless or untrained about the practical implementation of these concepts.

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