Monday, November 1, 2010

My New Project - After Effect of "The Social Network"

Inspired by the movie "The Social Network" (still 45 min to go as on writing of this blog entry), i thought of this idea. I don't know if such ideas exist already or not, if you know of any please do enlighten me. I would really like to use it.

Idea in Abstract:
An operating system, or a system application, that logs all user interactions with the system and learns the user's tastes' of life. It monitors everything starting from scanning the directory structure, analyzing the movies, songs, pictures etc. available in the system. Live with the user and learn along with him/her. An artificially intelligent OS or a program, that can assist user in all his actions, with the system. Sometimes can also be a PA to him.

In Detail:
I want to create an artificially intelligent program or OS, that assist the user in everything. Making the OS customizable on the fly (dynamically). It can get the job done instantly, with the help of few or no inputs at all. Yes, it can be scripted or commanded over the mic or message or chat or email, virtually any means of communication can be understood and decoded by the system, and the corresponding actions shall be executed.
- Also, it can suggest you online movies or news articles or etc. after reading (analyzing) your browser history, file access history, etc.
- Provide updates for your Anti virus programs,
- Tell you if there are any new mails, or your girl friend is online.
- Analyse your phonebook and tell you if there are duplicate contacts.
- Sync all your email accounts, and suggest frnds from FB.
- Suggests new albums for your iPod or MP3 player
- Well the list is endless..

Well, i do know there exists separate pgms for doing all this crapy things. It has become a part of our daily life. I just want to integrate all the frequently done jobs into a single piece of application. Bring them all under one roof, make it install as components, etc. Its like this, it can read the chat or email msg, to find out the tone of the other person, and suggests you the same. It can play background music, when it feels you're really pissed off.

I don't know the feasibility of this project or say boredom blog post. I just wanted to know, if such a thing exist already or if we're really in need of such an app.

Please feel free to post your comments on this issue.

- Ashwanth Kumar


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