Thursday, February 17, 2011

RE Semantic Analyser - Pre Alpha

Hello folks,

After a long time, something actually technical coming up here. Actually after hearing about GP (Guruprasad, my senior)'s project (again) from Salai. I and him, have decided to put up a small working prototype. Working towards the same, i came across an interesting problem suitable even for my RE iBlue - Semantic Analysis.

For my KBEngine implementation, I downloaded structured content from Wikipedia in readymade RDFs and used data store like Jena TDB to store, index and retrieve the contents upon depend. Now, its time I start structuring my own data from any data source.


Above link, shows you a pre-alpha working prototype attempt in doing so. It uses various available webservices for structuring of data, mainly using Apache UIMA for processing. The hosted version uses external content to process, while the actual RE implements the same using Apache UIMA in its own infrastructure.


Above link shows you a sample of the analysis format using this blog post content as its source.

Have a look at it, and please do comment your feedback.

PS: Well I'm, thinking of submitting this concept with my RE for Daksh 5.0 Technovation.