Sunday, April 17, 2011

Elggified Week - 100%

Hey people, It was last week when I started working on SPAM Moderation plugin for Elgg 1.8. Since then a lot of improvements, exciting things been happening in my world.

Man, I just love it.

Officially, I'm a 100% Elggified developer. U got me Elgg!

In my SPAM Moderation plugin, I've integrated 2 external services (Akismet and Mollom), and 1 simple internal service that helps you validate any text with the list of keywords, that you've specified. I know, I know, it sounds a bit silly and simple, but thats a start right?

Okay, having my final internals this week, so no intense work for week(s) to come, I guess. I desperately need to cope up with my so-called syllabus.

Interesting things this week was:
  1. Wrote my first Elgg plugin, released it on GitHub and for the first time in my history, released an OSS (Licensed under OSS License).
  2. Got to implement them in a new server (for testing purposes actually =D)
  3. Learnt about some SPAM filtering techniques, to implement them off shelf. (Next Elgg plugin)
  4. Completed my long queued RECORD work for this semester, Hell Yeah!
  5. Learnt that there were 54 applications, from 46 students, and known 12 bug fixers, all this but only 3 slots, for Elgg in this year GSoC. (I actually completely lost hope!) - But, that doesn't make me hate it, rather I <3 Elgg even more now. :D
I haven't released the spam moderation (alpha) plugin to the community yet, should I do it? I'm a bit afraid and tensed to do that. Not much response from outside about that either.

Will this alone earn me a slot in GSoC for Elgg?

Hoping for the best! See ya, until next time, with more elggified updates.

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