Saturday, April 23, 2011

Semantic Week

If my entire last week was with Elgg, this entire week was with Semantics. Semantics in various aspects, you should have already seen my Semantic Social Viewer (, did some really super stuff with Guruprasad S. Srivatsav for his final year project.

I've been looking around WWW for some Social Computing stuff, and things. Found a lot of new ideas, to work on this summer.

Most important of all my GSoC results are coming out on 25th of this month. As, I've already told, I've no hope for that at all. I got introduced to a guy, whom I check'd out to only find, that he has applied to the same Organization, and same topic as mine, with 150% more sophisticated profile. So, the dream of $5000 to fix my PC is all lost! Still, #elgg is always my best friend. I'll continue to contribute to Elgg always. I'm waiting the results to release my plugin.

So, nothing more interesting yet! Got my semester practicals coming up. Yeah, its the same procedure of Ctrl + C, & Ctrl + V and some 30 min vetti time waste. Pracs all over. Theory, is all ready to upfront me, while I ain't.

One more to go after this, count down started! =D

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