Thursday, April 21, 2011

Social Semantic Viewer - Facebook App

Update 26/04/2011 - Added Export Image option to the app. Now you can export your network as PNG and share it on FB.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce - Social Semantic Viewer. Your next generation (kind of) IDE to your OpenGraph at Facebook. Okay.. Okay.. I get it!

Its YAVP (Yet Another vetti app) from me to kill time. It uses some of the most widely used open source components to help visualize your OpenGraph.

Login with your Facebook account, and click on the type of visualization you want to see. Currently system allows visualizing your friends and likes, but more will be added soon.

  • Add a control box, that help you control the graph to decide what you want to visualize.
  • Add more common user actions. Currently system supports posting to any friends' wall.
  • Extend the Graph to Social Graph (Google), Twitter Graph, LinkedIn Connections and extend the same functionality to Elgg (Elgg is on the process).
Privacy Policy (No blah blah.. Please read on): We're not storing your graph or any personal details that help us identify you. 95% the processing are done at the client end. We crawl your graph on demand, and display them to you. Its a slow process actually.

All you've to do is to authorize the application, and click on Start Crawl link at the bottom of the screen, and you're good to go.

There you can see my graph being generated with 300+ friends on the screen. As we explore more, your graph might become a bit slower. We've tired our best to make Hardware Acceleration of Flash, and yet it might be a bit slower.

Known Issues: You might get some Error #1099 or Error undefined at times, after which please reload the page, it happens when you've slow internet connection or when FB Graph API server doesn't respond.

Any sort of feedback for the same is welcome.

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