Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fo2Hub - Launching Soon

Yeah you got it right. FotoHub has become Fo2Hub. Reason? Simple, I was not able to get a domain name as fotohub.com, so I got one for fo2hub.com. A million thanks to my bro, who got me a new domain and hosting. I'm now under no restrictions, and no problems. Thanks a lot bro!

Fo2Hub - Photo Sharing for Social Nerds, will be launching soon. I've currently put up a small landing page on the domain. Since, my main domain ashwanthkumar.in is also being moved. It might be currently unavailable for max. 24 - 72 hours. You can still access a read only archived copy at here, This location will not be updated anymore.

Fo2Hub.com - Launching Soon!

As always, any feedback or suggestions are always welcome.

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