Sunday, May 1, 2011

Measuring Blogger

I was fast asleep when I suddenly woke up, at a dream. Dream is all about building the world's biggest structured infrastructure for information retrieval. When I wanted to blog about it, I was thinking. How many blogs does Blogger (my humble blog service provider) host?

I went to Google APIs page to see if they provide me a API or any kind of means to get the list. I was not able to find anything. Not even a clue :(

So, i decided let me measure the Mr. B myself.

Here is the live stats of the counting process - Counting Blogger Blogs.

Probably what next? Counting WordPress blogs, Joomla Installations, Drupal installations, Elgg installations? What is happening to me, Oh My God!!

PS: Only counting for now.


domainhos said...

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Ash said...

Well domainhos, this is just a start.

Ash said...

Still thanks for it :)

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Ash said...

Well, you can try to check out on own :) But, still a long way to go.

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Ash said...

I'm happy to hear it, could you please share how did it really help you?

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