Monday, August 8, 2011


After a practical suggestion from Shankar Ganesh, this time I'm providing the SMS method of accessing PWI content to the students.

Ingredients - PWI, txtWeb and everything nice

Keyword to use - @pwi
Number to send SMS - +91 92433 42000

Usage - Send a message to @pwi to know the complete list of commands and their usage.

Parts like Attendance, hostel details, internal marks are not yet available, I'm working on it, and will update it soon. Just give it a try and tell me what you feel about it till now.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


You read it right, its an IVR System for SASTRA students. Taking the experience from Yahoo! OpenHack 2011, and equipped with PWI (from Vignesh), KooKoo and everything nice. An idea that stuck me over a week ago. Now during this weekend found time (inspite of a whole day power cut yesterday) to implement the system.

Give it a try - Call up this number +91(040/080/022)39411020, enter the Access Pin as 3823 and follow on instructions you hear. Do remember to choose the option 7 for feedback.

Currently the system is implemented having only SASTRA SRC students' PWI account. Once I get hold of some Main Campus credentials, I'll implement the system for Main Campus respective features like Internal Marks, Attendance, Hostel Details, etc.

PS: Sorry Tamil Nadu number will be updated soon.