Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From SQL to NoSQL - SubhDB

It is so nice to be back home after months. Especially so that I can get my hands on my computer, God it feels so great. Been playing around for past 2 days with Document Oriented datastores like MongoDB, RavenDB, CouchDB, etc. I liked them all. Most of them required me to install them as an application on my server to actually do something really useful. Since I only own a shared hosting and not a VPS or a Cloud, it was impossible for me do it.

I wanted to play around with it on my existing LAMP stack that I was given. So, I created one Document-Oriented datastore for myself.

Please say hello to SubhDB. Abstraction of document-oriented datastore over traditional MySQL implemented with PHP.

Inspired by the diagram on the home page of RavenDB (http://www.ravendb.net/Uploads/WindowsLiveWriter/RavenDB_C707/image_thumb_1.png), I designed the datamodel for the datastore. Still it can't store array attributes yet.

You can find the source code and instructions to give it a test drive at GitHub. Please post what you feel regarding this. I searched for any existing implementations and was able to find none.

  1. One day hack, which allowed me to spend some useful time in my home during the holidays. 
  2. Well this is not even close to being complete or stable. 
  3. No comments regarding the name of the project please. 

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