Saturday, October 15, 2011

Got Placed!

Title says it all! I got placed and yeah, its been around 2 months, and there were many interesting things that went on actually. I'm not sure, If I'll cover them all up, but will try to do it.

I got placed in Mu Sigma ( as Business Analyst. Yeah, yeah I know; its not an IT company. Its a business oriented company. You see that actually gives me all the more reason to join here. These people come up with the solutions to the business problems (now, do not ask me yet for meaning of business problems) for their customers. Which goes without saying the amount of data they will be processing, sure require some deep data mining techniques to get it done.

Guess what more? MMBUZZ (, this particular project got me the job in the first place. Social Heat aka Blue Ignis project of mine does the same work! Vice president of the company was impressed and yeah, he offered me a job. I got a laptop bag, along with my offer letter. All the more reason to join. :-P

I've also been on the hunt for some internship programs lately, got a couple of offers. Yet to decide which one to take.

Final semester, with hardly less than a week of working days left in my college life; What have I learnt? What does it mean?

(After almost 1 hour of thinking)

Aahh.. I'll put that up later not right here.

Happy thing, I got placed. Thanks to SASTRA and My Mentor. 

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