Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mini Online Judge - 6 Hour Hackathon

I was too bored and sleepless to study for the semesters. I just made a small try at one of my long time candidate at TODO List - "Creating an Online Judge System". Well guess what, I have came out with a prototype this time.

This is far from being complete, but definitely usable.

PS: This code is released under the pretext that it might be useful. Try this code at your own risk. Most of the instructions are commented in the code.


kokok said...

Hi, i write same program too.

and i stuck when dealing with time limit. after look at your code. i got some idea. i need to try :D


kokok said...

oh great, it's work. thank you very much.

i use sleep() method like yours.
before i use set_time_limit() but it's not work :D.

Thank you very much :D

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