Thursday, December 8, 2011

ARO - Doc Comment Parsing in PHP

Following the work on IoC (Inversion of Control), here I am again to present the second module of my project, ARO (At the Rate Of). ARO is a PHP Doc Comment parsing library useful for parsing the Annotations, descriptions, etc. from the Classes, Methods or Properties.

ARO uses PHP Reflection to get its job done. Well this library is again flexible and hence I thought I can release it as open source. Its hosted on GitHub ( Feel free to fork or report an issue.

I tired my best to document it on the GitHub, so let me skip further details here.

Disclaimer: Reason I created this ARO is for using IoC effectively in the first place. Also there are many more advanced Doc Comment parsers in PHP. This module is just what I came up in around 5 hours.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IoC-PHP - My (little) Inversion of Control on PHP

After around 5 hours, I am happy to say I have completed my first module in my BlueIgnis project. It is the IoC (Inversion of Control) module. Now, I can dynamically Inject dependencies in my application as and when needed.

This is definetly not the first IoC implementation in PHP, but I just wanted to create one for my needs. After all its my project and I would like to code it from scratch (I can't believe I am saying this).

A note of caution: I am a newbie to the entire IoC thingy, I know very little or I just misunderstood the entire concept. So, I wanted to learn from the community. Hence I decided to release it as Open Source code so that people can have a look at it or may be even improve it further.

I currently don't bother much with the Licensing issues. If you like the code, or you think it can be improved further, please let me know.

For people who does not know what IoC is, have a look here.

Next step would be to achieve the Design Goals in IoC using Annotations support.

Link for the project -

BlueIgnis - Starting Finally

Finally after almost 8 months of planning, modelling, and designing process - BlueIgnis is finally taking place. Good part is that my mentor has asked me to do Oracle ThinkQuest as the final year project. I was hunting for a good topic to build. The category I am eligible is "Application Development", and when I was wondering I decided its time I spend some time for BlueIgnis (aka Social Heat).

Taking the wonderful experience from building a custom framework using simple design patterns (more on this in a later post) for Webnaplo, and from the previous TGMC project (Back To My Village) - Reformists; Past 2 days went good building the BlueIgnis architecture with more new features which I only used to dream before.

I am all excited to work on this. This time with more features packed into its design. Since I am planning to release this as a standalone app and not as SAAS (I wish I can do it), it runs on your infrastructure.

For people who does not know what BlueIgnis is, you can refer my earlier blog post which gives a gentle introduction about its functionality.

Keep watching this space for more information and updates regarding BlueIgnis.