Sunday, January 1, 2012

Live NSE Stock Rates API - NodeJS

Ok, I'm 10 min away from close of New Year day here in India, I wanted to do some hack today and so here it is. I was learning Node.JS for a couple of days now, and hosting it on Heroku for testing purposes, and here goes one for the marking.

A simple Hack to provide Live NSE Stock Rates in a simple to use API.


Replace INFY with any valid NSE symbol from NSE. It returns a JSON containing all the required data. So next time you want to create any virtual stock market games or apps that need live Stock rates, you can well use this.

Update - Application Source code is available on GitHub.

Happy Hacks! :-)

PS: This is a demo app that I created while learning Node.JS. It runs on a free account, so operates only on one web worker. 


Rohit said...

Hey Ashwanth,
Thank you for this. Could you please advise how I can get similar data for NSE Derivatives ?

Thank you.

Ashwanth Kumar said...

Use firebug / Inspector to see how the request is being made, simulate it and get your work done. Remember this is a HACK! Not to be used for production what so ever. There are service providers to whom you can subscribe to.

Jay said...

Hi Ashwanth,

I am a software developer/student looking to get live NSE data. You mentioned "There are service providers to whom you can subscribe to". Can you please let me know names of services that provide this ? I am not necessarily looking for free services


Unknown said...

thats damn cool man.

sunil said...

it is not giving symbols like m&m and M&m finance properly also not giving indexes like nifty cnxit and banknifty

HR said...

Hello Ashwanth,

Awesome work and an awesome hack!

Someone created similar hack of BSE but it is on ruby, can you help us with something similar of BSE too.

Thanks in Advance, Awesome work.

Simple Camera said...

hi ashwant,

This API is very useful Thanks, But I am getting APPLICATION ERROR. Is there any limitation to use this API.

Manoj Prasad said...

very helpful link. I was searching this link since long time. thanks for making it possible. Can you please help to know , how can i search NSE stocks using this link.

Unknown said...

Bro how to run this program to get results?

Ashwanth Kumar said...

You could just do
$ node live_quote.js

It should start the webserver on port 3000

Unknown said...

Thank you bro it works

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