Friday, January 6, 2012

Review on Poi Solla Theriyathu - Tamil Short Film

Title should have told you all about it. No technical stuff this time. This post is a review on a short film made by some of my classmates.

Please watch the movie before you read on.

Review of Poi Solla Theriyathu

Poi Solla Theriyathu is a nice tea break film you can watch to laugh your ass out. A very professional and nice attempt made by Parvath, after his success in 11:fifty as an actor. There is really no real cons in the movie at all (except some silly ones).

Only place where Parvath slided was on the Focusing of the Camera, especially while introducing Swati and during the chase of Mahesh.

Apart from that, I was not able to find anything wrong with the execution of the movie at all. The final part of the movie which recaps some moments of shooting was a superb addition to the movie.

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Overall rating of the film: 8/10

"Ennaku Poi Solla Theriyathunga"

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