Thursday, April 26, 2012

Realtime Feeds going Crazy

I was doing a screencast for my project and I noticed this *craziness* after moving to AWS Infrastructure. This is a real time screen recorded (no effects / changes made) video of my project's Realtime Twitter Dashboard.

Some things I learnt from this video -

  1. System I built is DAMN CRAZY! - Totally!
  2. My UI did not break even when the data was pouring in like a Flash Flood - #WIN
  3. Realtime is too fast for a human being to make sense out of it (like in the video at that pace makes no sense to me at all - It is a show off!) -- This suggests me to have a rate control check on the tweets pouring in, or improve the UX like in Twitter - "You have N new Tweets" message, and from what I see that N will be sky rocketing. Need to do something about it. 

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