Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BlueIgnis - Feature Screencast - Closed Beta Preview

UPDATE on 2nd May, 2012 IST - BlueIgnis Closed Private Beta is closed. Thanks to everyone who tested it.

An year old dream, 100's of prototypes, more than10 months of designing, finally everything getting shape. BlueIgnis is finally launched for Closed Private Beta. Quite some ppl are giving it a spin right now. Just love to see the system handle the pressure and scale as needed. Only thing is I am hard pressed on, are the server resources and though the system is horizontally scalable, I wish I can scale along with it to support more concurrent users and remove the limitations on the system. Just ranting about the status quo on the system.

Good thing is that system is a bit well tested with real users and it is all set for the demo happening today in about 5 hours from now. Though with the help of Salai I have completed some more new features to the system, I am not going to push them in until after the demo.

I just made a small 6 minute screencast on features of BlueIgnis, and I thought I will put it forward for you. Though the system is up and running, I would really appreciate if you do not create more than 1 account per user. The system has a hard limit on 50 users and it will lock the registrations immediately after that.

Apart from that, I have imposed the limits on Number of Campaigns per user and Time period for which Campaigns will be running since it starts. I will add another screencast once I am complete with integration of the new set of features.

You can find the screencast on http://youtu.be/VYJGQreoYbg

PS: I totally understand if you feel the Screencast is not of the mark, I have never recorded by own voice before. I will improvise on that.