Saturday, January 24, 2015

Java Utils Library

After a long time I seem to be writing Java code more often recently. A bunch GoCD plugins, code kata sessions with friends and things like that. I saw there are few things like List transformations, filter, I automatically start searching for Option / Some and None implementations. Simple solutions would be just write it in Scala, right? I know, but there are places where I wasn't. Example was GoCD plugins. Reasons being - Scala standard library is heavy and usually causes OOM on Agent without increasing heap sizes and final jar is also heavy in terms of size.

Check out If you find some implementations not so efficient or can be done better, please do let me know.



  • Lists#map
  • Lists#filter
  • Lists#foldL
  • Lists#find
  • Lists#isEmpty
  • Lists#nonEmpty
  • Lists#mkString


  • Sets#copy
  • Sets#isEmpty
  • Sets#nonEmpty


  • Iterables#exists
  • Iterables#forall


  • Option / Some / None
  • Tuple2 / Tuple3
  • Function
  • Predicate


For Maven,
For SBT,
libraryDependencies += "in.ashwanthkumar" % "my-java-utils" % "0.0.2"

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