Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Parser Combinator

After fiddling with RegexParser for a while in Scala, I realized how much I missed learning Automata properly at college. I was migrating a 140-line REGEX from MySQL to Scala at my work and learned a lot of new things in the process. It was during one of those times one my mentors - yellowflash, helped me understand some of the forgotten concepts about left factoring, recursive grammars, etc.

In the process he were discussing about how would I go about writing RegexParser if I had to write it by hand myself? The exercise was to help me understand how the Parser Combinator works which would help me write better grammar. We did some scribbling on the paper and decided to implement it in Scala. You can find it on It is just a start, still a long way to go. Looking forward to it, it should be fun.

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