Thursday, February 4, 2016

Building GoLang on SnapCI

I've been a long time user of SnapCI. I recently started playing around with GoLang. I started writing tests and releases on some of the hobby projects and it's high time I start setting up a CI for it. Unfortunately SnapCI doesn't support GoLang out of the box and making it work is a bit of a hassle. After fighting with it for more than a hour, I figured out how to compile my go project.

Disclaimer - My project on my local machine is part of my custom $GOPATH so all the `go` tool chain works. Makefile also assumes this. If you're used to building your project on a non-standard directory structure, this is not for you.

Thanks to this post talks about how to setup GoLang on SnapCI. It doesn't work anymore out of the box, but does have the fundamental things to get started. Final settings that worked for me

Hope this helps.

Apart from the above, we also need to setup the GOPATH, in order for go to work. On the stage configuration page there is a section called Environment Variables for this stage in there we need to set the name to GOPATH, and the value to /var/snap-ci/.

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