Saturday, February 6, 2016

Introducing Matsya

I recently wrote a blog post on Indix's Engineering blog about Matsya. Do check it out at I'm going to summarise the blog post here in TLDR; version.

We have 100% of our Hadoop workloads running on AWS Spot infrastructure. One of the prominent issues we've have faced is "Spot Outages". In order to solve that, we went cross AZs. This in return resulted in huge data transfer costs especially for systems like Hadoop HDFS. We realised the only way to survive this madness is to be on a single AZ but intelligently move to another AZ when there's a Spot spike in the current one. That worked :) There were cases when we couldn't find any AZ within your bid budget. Typically our bid budget was 100% of OD price. During such times, it can fallback to OD instances until the surge ceases.

I wrote a tool to automate the above process, and that's Matsya. Matsya is the name of first incarnation of Lord Vishnu in this world. The main part of the story is he takes a form of a Fish (with a horn) and carries the Seven Sages (saptarishis) through safety on the Judgement day. The name was so apt since Matsya is able to carry the cluster from one Spot Market to another (read cheapest) during a Spot surge.

Bonus - Slides to my presentation I gave at Chennai Devops meetup on January 2016 can be found at

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