Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Marathon-Alerts: Alerting tool for Marathon Apps

Another month has passed by, and a bunch of open source contributions that has happened. I recently published on a blog post on Indix's blog titled - "Marathon-Alerts: A Tool for Keeping Your Apps on Marathon Under Radar". It is an official post for open sourcing the marathon-alerts tool to the outside world. Without further delay, here's the tl;dr version of the post.

Marathon-Alerts, is a tool to monitor apps running on marathon. Marathon while reaching it's 1.0.0 milestone (as of writing), it still doesn't have first class support for alerts for tasks running via it. If you're on all containers, then there are lot of tools out there in the market which can help you monitoring and alerting (Sysdig for example).

Unlike k8s, marathon doesn't limit to running only containers but arbitrary commands too. This is where specialised tools like marathon-alerts comes into play. Today we've notifier only for Slack, but it's quite easy to extend them to other sinks which can integrate to your existing infrastructure.

Above screenshot is an example alert that comes on our slack channels when one of our apps went down because of an error. 

This is one of my best open source contributions in recent times. Check out the project on https://github.com/ashwanthkumar/marathon-alerts, it's released under Apache 2 License. Fork away!

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