Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Trading Notes - 7th April 2021

Inverted Cup and Handle formation being formed. Might take a few days and things might take a dive to 85 - 75 range.

BEML seems like it is bouncing of a support zone around 1240. The next target of 1540 is somewhere near by. Also for the last month or so, it seems to be forming some kind of bullish flag pattern.

BSE just broke out of a descending channel pattern. We're looking at a target of 650+ with a SL at around 580. 

BAJAJCON, seems to be having an ascending triangle pattern. We're waiting for 285 breakout. Once that happens target is around 350+, with a SL around 250.

On BSOFT we wait for 285 breakout and most likely the target would be around 340+. 

CARE RATING LTD., is going through a channel bear trend. It just took resistance on the channel on today's high. Unless it is planning on breaking that channel, it is going to continue downwards.

CCL is on a bearish channel for more than 4 years now. Recently from last July, it seems to be taking support at 220-225 range. Once it crosses 255-265, then I guess we're having a true good breakout. 

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