Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Unable to scan networks"

Hell Yeah! I've rooted by Android device successfully. Y on the earth do i've to do it?!

I had a problem with my WiFi! It gave me the "Unable to Scan networks" error message since yesterday evening, and i was fed up with it. While i was googling about the problem, when I was -motivated- forced to root my device ;)

After rooting the device (how to do it? Can be found all over the internet. Go to for more details), i'll skip this part and go to the solution WiFi problem directly.

Solutions: There're basically 2 solutions available

  1. Simple, less effective - Soft Reset option. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Reset to Factory Defaults. Phone is automatically rebooted and your WiFi problem is solved. Only thing, is that you loose all ur Apps, settings, etc. However, your SDCARD files are not deleted.
  2. Bit complex - Requires rooted device. Delete the bcm_supp.conf file from /data/wifi and reboot your phone. It'll work again. U need to set up all your Wifi connections (with key again).
    Note: Backup the existing file just in case.
PS: I've tested the above procedure on my Samsung Galaxy 3 ( I5801), with success. Use this at your own risk. I can't be liable for any problems/loss that may arise to your phone, or your girl friend, or PC, or yourself, or any damn thing you'll charge me with!


NIVI said...

Good post with a even more good P.S. Expecting to explore more into your Samsung Galaxy 3 (15801).;-P

Ashwanth Kumar said...

ty.. ;)

Giant Zucchini said...

You saved my phone, God bless you!

Ashay said...


My wifi problem is got solved by following the steps mention above. I have my Samsung Galaxy 3 (GT-I5801). But I'm not sure it is rooted or not. I deleted "bcm_supp.conf" using my Eclipse IDE for android. In that I used File Explorer tab which gave me options like data, sdcards, etc.

This post helped me in solving the problem.
Hey thanks..

Ashwanth Kumar said...

Happy it helped!! :)

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