Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Research Engine - Update #1

After a good evening dinner, I and Salai, came back to his room to discuss about Research Engine, and its implementation methods. The first thing, that made us wonder even while going to dinner was - "What exactly does Multi-column database engine does? What is it exactly? How does it differ from traditional fixed column schema of writing DBMS apps? Thus, is implementations like HBase, Cassendra, Voldermort, etc are actually needed for our project?"

When we came back, Salai immersed himself into all this (I'm yet to get updates regarding that from him, as of writing this post); while i was busy prep'ng the system with Ubuntu 10.04 on Central node (Salai's PC) and updating it. Meanwhile also updating my farm at Farmville ;)

I was so damn tired after clicking through my 350+ plots of land for seeding, i decided to call it a day and went to sleep.

- Ashwanth Kumar

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