Saturday, December 25, 2010

Research Engine Update #11

Wow, today was one hell of a day if i should say. Early in the day, I was breaking my head with many concepts, technologies, etc. that I was actually running mad. But, now at the end its slightly better.

Let me brief you what I did today.

  1. Installed DB2, duh.. I never wanted to do this.
  2. Created a SPARQL endpoint for knowledge engine. No more dependence on internet.
  3. Updating (its on the way) my database with all my 28+ GB, of linked data.
I'm so damn tired to type, I'll brief the rest tomorrow.

UPDATE: After 12 hours 40 minutes, 218.8 MB of data has been successfully uploaded to DB2, at this rate..?!@# OMG! When will my 28GB get uploaded?!

- Ashwanth Kumar and Salaikumar @ Saravanan

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