Sunday, May 8, 2011

FotoHub - Photo Sharing for Social Nerds

Update 10/05/2011 - FotoHub is now Fo2Hub. You can find more details of it here.

I was just updating my profile on my website, when I realized it would be so nice to add a personal gallery. Flickr was the obvious choice. I logged into my Flickr account to realize only that I've not logged in since my 11th grade. He.. He.. So, what do I know? Picasa is already available on My Google Profile, but I've many of my photos on my FB too. What about the one's that I am tagged in? Oh My God! Maintaing a profile is really a pain in the ass. Grrr..!! That does it.

I'm going to start my own photo sharing web application. One, that can help synchronize from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr (and many more). An application in which probably I can set to synchronize specific albums, from my social presence online. It basically targets people with a very large social presence (not exactly like me, but ... you get it right?)

Welcome a new baby to Labs, FotoHub - A Photo sharing space, for social nerds.

"Instead of maintaining a separate accounts for the purpose, why not create an album syndicating pictures from multiple sources (probably with your tags, which will be added shortly after release) and accessible via an easy to use API?", the thought that got me designing FotoHub for public.

Though Social Heat is going on good, and due release for (pre-beta) public testing very soon. FotoHub seems to be a good stress reliever for me. Watch the space for more updates on FotoHub.

PS: Still I'm keeping my eyes and ears open, for people who can still suggest me a web application (not android app or desktop picture viewer) that can do this job for me.


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Ashwanth Kumar said...

Thank you. You might want to follow the using Google Friend Connect, at the top-right part of the screen

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