Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Social Heat - My Social Analytics System

Here is the gentle introduction of Social Heat - Social Analytics Engine.

If you have used Google Analytics service, you might get an idea what exactly I'm trying to say here. Unlike Google Analytics, which gets you detailed analytics for your website visits. Social Heat, gives you the detailed analytics report of your product on Social Networks (like Facebook. Google Buzz, Twitter, etc.)

Inspired by the following video for Viral Heat, I decided to spend this summer vacation creating a system on par or more sophisticated than Viral Heat.

So, I decided why not create one for this summer. Currently Viral Heat service is not free, but its really cheap starting at only $9.99 per month. It comes with unlimited impressions for your profiles.

Social Heat, following the philosophy of Google, will allow free usage which should suffice more than enough people around their world. It also has paid plans which will be disclosed later. I plan to provide more services than Viral Heat, which will be rolled out eventually following the public release.

Features of Social Heat:
  1. Featured report on Users world wide from Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, YouTube and Blogs (blogging is also a part of the social media)
  2. Export your reports in one of the many formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, XML, etc.)
  3. Create profiles and add Mentions to it. Each Mention comes with unlimited impressions. This feature was inspired from Google Analytics and Viral Heat dashboard.
  4. Social Heat has inbuilt machine learning capabilities. If you ever think an impression is not related to your needs, you can always teach the system not to display such kind of feeds again. Similarly, the reverse - If the system has not found an impression to be related to your product, you can add them to your report. System is completely dynamic.
  5. Social Heat, comes with extensible API. You can access your data via the robust API platform provided by Social Heat. Probably other developers can create applications which can consume your data and give a much more detailed report to you. - Inspired by Google Analytics API and applications built on top of it.
Now, deploying a system for general public usage is far from near, moreover I neither have enough infrastructure or capital to create one. So, I'm on the hunt for Angel Investor for this adventure. If you are interested and like to get along, feel free to contact me on ashwanthkumar@googlemail.com. If you think Social Heat, is missing some features - feel free to suggest them. We'll try to incorporate it.

Watch this space for, Social Heat is fast approaching for closed public testing soon.


Unknown said...

The idea is appealing and great.
Why don't you start deploying it? Maybe the Angel investor may come along the way.

Ashwanth Kumar said...

@Sibi I've already started. It'll be out for closed public testing soon.

Unknown said...

Hai Ashwanth !!!
Good job once again :) Keep updating on it... Have u tested with preliminary analysis ??? & Have u heard about SAS Social Nw Analysis?...Kind of detecting( preventing) frauds ( by going beyond individual and account views to analyze all related activities and relationships at a network dimension). Here, Is it possible to apply ???

Ashwanth Kumar said...

@Ice Akka, Just now heard of it. Well, if u want Its possible here. I've been doing the test for more than a week now. Going good. I can't let out the internal workings now. But, what you're saying is possible akka. :)

Ashwanth Kumar said...

Hey dominhos,

Social heat, is not a analytics system like Google Analytics, this does not give you the stats for your website, its for a completely different purpose.

It tracks what people talk about your products on the Social media, like FB, Twitter, etc. It tracks that :P

If you want a free alternative to Google Analytics try Piwik(http://piwik.org/)

Zita said...

I thinks its not a free one.. I looking for free analytics. Anyway, I am glad to visit your site. Thanks.
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Ashwanth Kumar said...

Piwik is an free and opensources, you need to host it on your own server.

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