Thursday, March 8, 2012

Using AWS from Corporate Firewall

I know the title is somewhat pretty straight. I just wanted to share one of my learnings when I tried to AWS services from within Corporate Firewall.

Rule of the Thumb - Never add all the IPs to your ruleset on your firewall that Amazon releases on its forum.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a concept called "Elastic IPs". This allows you get a set of Static IPs and then use them with EC2 instances or VPC service. Try to create a bunch of IPs around 10 - 15 (depending on your purpose) and assign them manually to the instances as and when you create them.

Elastic IPs are not free, but the cost involved in holding them even when you don't use them is very less. So its worth the bargain, especially if you belong to an organization that harps on data security.

PS: I am no way related to Amazon, but I just love their services :-) 

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