Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BlueIgnis - Starting Finally

Finally after almost 8 months of planning, modelling, and designing process - BlueIgnis is finally taking place. Good part is that my mentor has asked me to do Oracle ThinkQuest as the final year project. I was hunting for a good topic to build. The category I am eligible is "Application Development", and when I was wondering I decided its time I spend some time for BlueIgnis (aka Social Heat).

Taking the wonderful experience from building a custom framework using simple design patterns (more on this in a later post) for Webnaplo, and from the previous TGMC project (Back To My Village) - Reformists; Past 2 days went good building the BlueIgnis architecture with more new features which I only used to dream before.

I am all excited to work on this. This time with more features packed into its design. Since I am planning to release this as a standalone app and not as SAAS (I wish I can do it), it runs on your infrastructure.

For people who does not know what BlueIgnis is, you can refer my earlier blog post which gives a gentle introduction about its functionality.

Keep watching this space for more information and updates regarding BlueIgnis.

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